Title card for Cutey Honey anime. Cutey Honey (Center), Honey Kisaragi (Top Right)

Honey Kisaragi is the main protagonist of the Dynamic Productions franchise Cutey Honey. Despite her otherwise human appearance, she is in most appearances an android based on the late Dr. Kisaragi's daughter who died in an accident. Outfitted with emotions and a consciousness along with the need to eat and recover to make her as close to human as possible, Honey also has a device of various names in the form of a collar that allows her to change matter at her whim. One of the functions of this device is to change her appearance into several forms including the main Cutey Honey form, a red (or pink) haired swordswoman armed with a rapier and boomerang. In most of her appearances, she fights against the (usually) all-women inhuman organization Panther Claw in vengeance for killing her father.

Honey usually appears in different media of Dynamic Pro. including Mazinger:

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