Holzon V3
Kanji  ???
Kana  ???
Gender Female
Age Late Teens
Robot Herself
Affiliation Dr. Hell (Creator)
Family and Relations Mechanical Beast Girls
Voice Actor Tomo Muranaka
First Appearance Robot Girls Z ONLINE

Holzon V3 was a Mechanical Beast girl created by Dr. Hell. She originally appeared in the Robot Girls Z Online game and made an official (albeit minor cameo) debut in the final episode of Robot Girls Z+.


Holzon was a girl in her late teens with short messy purple hair and yellow eyes. She has bright pink and black armor, her helmet could split open like a flower to reveal a drill, she had large hooks on her arm braces, and a small face on her chest with large eyes and a goofy crooked smile, the face would reflect her feelings, changing with her mood. She had black armor resembling shorts and a set of three large drills on her feet. When in her depressed state, Holzon hides her face under her helmet with a shadow covering it with only yellow eyes appearing through the shadow.


Holzon was a happy, cheery, and energetic girl. But she sulks when things weren't going her way.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Her basic attack was to slash with the hooks on her arm braces, however her special attacks involve creating mini earthquakes or attack with the drill on her head.


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