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Hell King Gordon
Hell King Gordon render
Composition Super Steel
Power Source Atomic power
Pilot Dr. Hell

Hell King Gordon (地獄王ゴードン also known as the King of Hell) is Dr. Hell's most powerful Mechanical Beast. Created by Kenzo Kabuto from a structure on Bardos as the final weapon against the Photon Power Laboratory, it was the final opponent in Mazinger Edition Z: The Impact!.


The Hell King Gordon is the largest of the Mechanical Beasts, most average Mechanical Beasts are only a small fraction of its size and height. It features four bearded faces on all sides of its head a with red 'beard' as well as a gold crown. It also has four arms. Structure wise, it resembles the Mazinger Z with green colored forearms, chest, and legs. On its abdomen is a skull while the chest, knees, and lower area feature gold accessories.

Abilities and Equipment[]

Due to its large size, the Hell King Gordon has great strength compared to smaller robots. It is highly durable and is able to absorb Photonic Energy of any amount or magnitude, due to an energy absorbing mechanism. It is capable of decimating over one hundred robots of the Mazinger Army. Its attacks include:

  • Gordon Cyclone: By rotating its four arms, the Gordon can cause a large cyclone that can wipe out an army.
  • Gordon Fire: Releases intense heat from its hands that can incinerate an entire field.
  • Finger Barrier: Uses the Gordon's large hands as shields to defend against attacks, the energy absorbed can also be shot back at opponents.

The Hell King Gordon has a major weakness however, its Photon Absorber. If the polarity of absorbed Photonic Energy is reversed, it can cause internal damage to the Gordon as the energy mechanism is built to only absorb one polarity.


As Dr. Hell's Mechanical Beasts and Lieutenants were defeated, Dr. Hell unleashed the Hell King Gordon from a structure on Bardos. The Mazinger Army and Venus A went to fight, unleashing a barrage of fully powered Koshiryoku Beams onto the robot, but the Gordon was unfazed due to its Photon Absorber. It effortlessly struck down the Mazinger Army, even as the Photon Power Fortress shot its Photon cannon, the attack did nothing. The Gordon proceeded to absorb all of the Photonic Energy within the Photon Fortress.

Fortunately, a reprogrammed Gamia Q3, had the polarity of energy reversed to disable the robot. Within the Gordon, Koji Kabuto and Baron Ashura destroyed the photon absorber. Koji then boarded the Mazinger Z and used a surprise attack of 100 Rocket Punches to attack the Gordon, before finishing the gigantic robot off with a Big Bang Punch.


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