Hell King Gordon
Hell King Gordonm
Composition Super Steel body, implanted brains and tissue
Power Source Atomic Energy
Pilot Baron Ashura
The Hell King Gordon is a gigantic Mechancial Beast that appears as the final enemy in the Mazinkaiser OVA. Instead of Dr. Hell, Baron Ashura and a couple of Iron Masks pilot it by fusing with it.


This version of the Gordon appears very much different than its original manga counterpart, resembling more of the Grand Marshall of Hell. It is also much smaller than the original, only more than twice the size of the Mazinkaiser rather than a towering force that ripped Hell Castle apart. Its faces appear much to be more cartoony and older, sporting longer beards. Instead of armor it has a giant skull for a torso. On the forehead is the face of Baron Ashura and a couple Iron Masks that were fused into the Gordon.


This version of Hell King Gordon has nearly the same attacks as the original manga counterpart, armed with a massive blade and the ability to shoot lighting out of its fingers. It does not have the Cyclone Fire, instead its most powerful attack is channeling lightning into its blade and striking the opponent.


After begging Dr. Hell to make him/her stronger Dr. Hell decided to infuse Ashura to a giant mech along with a couple Iron Masks. As Mazinkaiser lands on Hell Castle Dr. Hell unleash his greatest creation the Hell King Gordon. Hell King Gordon manages to harm Mazinkaiser enough to damage its controls. After Koji Kabuto fixes the controls with the stick Boss gave as a last gift they engage in a clashful battle with Mazinkaiser drawing out the Mazinger Blade, eventually gaining the upper hand and slicing Hell King Gordon in two destroying it.



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