Hell King Gordon
Composition Unknown
Power Source Unknown
Pilot Dr. Hell
Notable moves Cyclone Fire
Hell King Gordon (also called the King of Hell) is one of Dr. Hell's most powerful Mechanical Beasts, if not the most. It appeared as the last line of defense against the Mazinger Z. It only appeared in the original manga.



Koji and Sayaka encountering the Hell King Gordon.

Hell King Gordon is extremely massive towering above even Hell Castle, where its head came from. The head has four faces of bearded men resembling Dr. Hell. It has four arms and is armed with a large sword.


The Hell King Gordon is equipped with a large sword and able to shoot lighting out of it's fingers. The sword is also able to channel lightning from the atmosphere for a powerful attack.

  • Gordon Fire: The skull sitting on its belly shoot a large amount of fire from its eyes & mouth.
  • Finger Shocker: Summons lighting energy in it fingers & shoots a huge wave of lighting from the fingertips.
  • Finger Barrier: Like Finger Shocker it used energy but creates a barrier instead which can protect itself & harm foes.
  • Gordon Cyclone: The Hell King Gordon trump card is spin in high speeds to create a torndo around it.
  • Gordon Cycone Fire: Its most powerful attack is when it combine two attacks, the Gordon Fire & Gordon Cyclone, in which it summon a tornado of fire and surround it's opponent, incinerating them.


As the Mazinger Z and Venus A approached Hell Castle, Dr. Hell unleashed the Hell King Gordon from the center of the island to attack the robots. Mazinger Z managed to destroyed the head with its Arm Missiles but this did not stop the Beast. Gordon counterattack with Gordon Fire but Mazinger Z blow the fire away by countering with Rust Hurricane. Dr. Hell then channeling energy into the sword hitting Mazinger Z with a large amount of lighting paralyzing it. After Venus A destroyed its sword it was easily swatted away with Finger Barrier and the Mazinger Z was having a tough time trying to damage the colossal Mechanical Beast. As the Gordon unleashed the Gordon Cyclone the Mazinger Z was caught. Dr. Hell then combined it with the Gordon Fire to create a tornado of heat & fire. However, the Mazinger dived into the eye of attack and made a kamikaze attack that destroyed the Gordon, Hell Castle, and Dr. Hell.

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