Harkenschmitt X9
Composition Super Steel
Power Source Atomic Energy
Pilot Remotely Controlled by Brocken

Harkenschmitt X9 is a Mechanical Beast used by Count Brocken in his final attempt at revenge against the Mazinger Angels.

Appearance Edit

Harkenschmitt X9 is a humanoid Mechanical Beast with a Nazi SS motif. It features a helmet with a winged swastika emblem, sharpened shoulders, and armored sleeve-like gauntlets.

Abilities Edit

Harkenschmitt was described as the most powerful Mechanical Beast in his arsenal. It can fire missiles out of its torso to attack enemies. The gauntlets on its arms can be used defensively and offensively but can be broken by an empowered attack. Its finger tips can fire adhesive fluid to trap opponents, allowing it to effectively release electric charges out of its shoulders.

History Edit

Harkenschmitt was used by Brocken to attack Tokyo to lure out the Mazinger Angels. It fought against the Fire Venus which successfully destroyed its right arm. But it fought back using adhesives to pin it to buildings and zap with high voltage charges. Venus however freed itself and destroyed Harkenschmitt with its Fire Attack.

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