Haribiyun V6
Composition Super Steel
Power Source Atomic Energy
Pilot Limited AI
One of Dr. Hell's last Mechanical Beasts along with Saiga O3. Both were sent out to stop the Photon Lab assault on Hell Castle.


A very weird looking Mechainal beast. It has no arms or legs instead using rockets with hookshots on each limb. It has a mostly yellow and red color scheme with details. The face is split in a black line with both half yellow or orange.


Weapons include guiding missiles and able to spin its head to create a whirlwind at enemies. It has four grapling hooks which can also be used as drills. For some reason it is able to "smile" showing it has teeth.


A giant Mechanical Beast that was sent to stop a flying Mazinger Z. It managed to counter every move Mazinger made in the sky until dragging Mazinger down into the sea. They fought until Koji driven unconcious. As Haribiyun V6 was about to make the final blow Koji regained consciousness and flew out into the sky once again. As Haribiyun flies too Mazinger outpowers it and finally destroying him with a Breast Fire.


  • Haribiyun V6 was one of the few Mechanical Beasts that appears in Super Robot Wars. Super Robot Wars α Specifically. Unfortunately for him he had to face up against Mazinkaiser.


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