Gusios βIII
Composition Super Steel
Power Source Atomic Energy
Pilot Count Brocken
Gusios βIII is a Mechanical Beast used by Count Brocken for his hotspring operation's security.


Gusios has an identical appearance to its original counterpart, resembling a giant walrus with a trident tail.


Gusios like its original counterpart is able to eat metal and release electricity from its tail. Unique to its apperance in Mazinger Angels is its ability to spit acid that can melt the armor off of other robots unless they are coated in acid resistant materials.


Gusios appeared when the Mazinger Angels brought out their robots after finding out about Brocken's plans. Its acid spit proved to be a problem when combatting it and after Aphrodite was damaged and brought back to base, it was repaired and repainted to return to fight as Snow White Aphrodite. Gusios tried to fight off Aphrodite but the acid resistant paint gave it an edge. Gusios was then destroyed by a Breast Heart Fire.

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