Gusios βIII
Composition Super Steel and Organic components
Power Source Atomic Energy
Pilot Limited AI
Gusios βIII is a Ghost Mechanical Beast from the Mazinger Z anime, it is a powerful monster-of-the-week that put the Mazinger Z and its allies in a pinch.


Gusios is a dark gray walrus-like Ghost Mechanical Beast with human-like arms and fins that allows travel in water and on land. It has a trident-shaped tail and razor sharp teeth.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

Gusios is amphibious, able to swim in bodies of water and walk on land. It is immune to radar, making a dangerous foe when fighting underwater. On both land and sea, it is able to use the trident on its tail to emit electricity. Its powerful arms allow the Gusios to jump very high. For offense, it breathes ultra hot flames from its mouth or use beams shot from its eyes. To restore energy, it eats metal with its razor sharp teeth and is resistant to energy attacks.


Some promo-art for Gusios



  • Gusios along with Poses OII are the only Mechanical Beast (Ghost or regular) to have Roman numerals in its name instead of Latin numbers.
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