Gromazen R9
Composition Super Steel
Power Source Atomic Energy
Pilot A.I
Notable moves Extending Cutter Arms

Heat Beams

The mechanical Beast that appears in episode 3 of the original anime.


It appears as a imitation of the Mazinger Z. With few differences as the antenna on the head, different shape of the torso, and blades on the arm similar to the Iron Cutter.

Powers and AbilitesEdit

Gromazen could swing his arms at enemies for mid-ranged combat, missiles in the fingertips, and finally, powerful rays shot from the antennae that can be used two times.


Appearing after Dr. Hell gone mad he sent Baron Ashura with this Mechanical Beast to go after Koji.  It attack the city from the sea with it Rocket Punch like attacks. Police defenses tries to stop it but was no match for the giant robot. As it was defeating the army with its extending arms, Sayaka in her Aphrodite A appears. They fight as GroMazen R9 spray her with finger missiles while Aphrodai dodges to gain time for Mazinger Z to appear. As it finally got her cutting off the arms and soon the final blow it was surprise by a Rocket Punch not of it own. As Mazinger comforts Aphrodite Gromazen sends off heated beams from his antennas which melts Aphdrodite's lower half. Mazinger retaliates with another Rocket Punch which sends Gromazen down. This did not stop him from attacking Sayaka kicking her out of her mech. It turns to Mazinger Z and once again attacks with his Heat Beams but Koji puts up his electromagnetic barrier, reflecting the laser and defeating Gromazen.


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