Groizer X11
Groizer X11
Composition Super Steel
Power Source Atomic Energy
Pilot Limited AI
Groizer X11 is a Mechanical Beast from the Groizer X series robots. It was used by Count Brocken along with Groizer X9 and Groizer X12 to attack the Saluud.


Groizer X11 has a slightly different appearance than its counterparts having longer and flatter arms with visible hands and missiles on its joints. The legs feature pegs that act like a tail wing.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

Groizer X11 is armed with missiles that it uses in a bomber fashion. It is said to not be as powerful as the Groizer X10 in a suicide bomb style as it took a group of Groizer robots to get a comparable explosion.


Groizer X11 was released by Count Brocken along with X9 and X12 to attack the Saluud with Mazinger Z and Baron Ashura inside to steal the glory. As they bombed the submarine with their supplies, they used a suicide bomb fashion to finish off the Saluud. Mazinger and co. along with Baron Ashura escaped before the Saluud was destroyed.

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