Grogos G5
Composition Super Steel
Power Source Atomic Energy
Pilot Limited AI
Grogos G5 is a Mechanical Beast used by Dr. Hell in the Devilman arc of Mazinger Angels.


Grogos G5 is virtually identical to its counterpart from the original manga.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

Grogos G5's had many of the same weapons and capablities as its original counterpart, its main function is to hold hostages within several spheres located around its body. This provides defense from ethical fighters like the Mazinger Angels. The spheres can also be launched offensively, but they can also be caught which renders the Grogos helpless. It also has the claws it original counterpart has but does not use this or missiles.


After several female hostages were taken by the demons including Miki MakimuraJun Hono, and Maria Fleed they were put inside the Grogos G5 when the Mazinger Angels tried to track down the Demon Tribe. Devilman was also captured unable to do anything as Dr. Hell would kill all of the hostages if he tried to do anything. As the Angels are backed into a corner by the Demon and the Grogos they instruct Devilman to cause a lightning storm with his Devil Arrow to fry the microchips controlling the demons. This allowed a distraction that the remaining Angels used to rescue the hostages. With the hostages rescued, the Grogos G5 was destroyed by the MA.

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