Grogos G5
Composition Super Steel
Power Source Atomic Energy
Pilot Limited AI
Grogos G5 was a large Mechanical Beast that was featured in the original Mazinger Z manga. It was used by Count Brocken for an attack on the Photon Power Laboratory using hostages. It was smarter than many of the usual Mechanical Beasts for being able to make plans without Brocken's instructions. 


Grogos G5 is a tall humanoid Mechanical Beast with an insect-like head. The left arm features an assortment of missiles while the right arm has a pincer claw. It also has thrusters on the back. All around its body are spheres that for containing hostages.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

The Grogos G5's most defining characteristic is the series of sphere-like prisons around its body for containing hostages. The hostages serve as protection from ethic fighters like Koji Kabuto piloting the Mazinger Z to prevent physical harm less the hostages die along with it. When even the lightest, slightest attack harms the Grogos, one of the spheres explodes with one of the hostages inside. The spheres can also be launched offensively at opponents. Its other weaponry includes the missiles on the left arm and the claw on its right arm.

The Grogos' main weakness is the fact that the spheres can be caught when launched. Also by destroying the platform that Count Brocken controls the Mechanical Beasts, the Grogos can't react when being touched. The Grogos showed some form of higher intelligence than the average Mechanical Beast, planning on self-destructing to destroy the Mazinger Z.


After Count Brocken's Iron Cross Corps attacked a village using its men as soldiers and women as hostages, Brocken began his plan of attack on the Photon Lab. Koji, Mucha and Boss went to the village since their teacher Miss Tone-Deaf was absent. They found the Grogos inside with all the village's women stripped naked inside the Grogos G5. Koji and Boss retreated afterwards. The Grogos then attacked the Photon Lab. Koji tried to hold off the Mechanical Beast with the Mazinger Z, by stunning it with the Koshiryoku Beam. Unfortunately, one of the hostages was blown up.

Count Brocken would taunt Koji about this and after trying to force Koji to turn over the Hover Pilder, Koji launched a missile from the craft damaging the platform Brocken was on. As Boss and Mucha threw Brocken's head around, the hostages were rescued before Brocken could activate any more commands. The Grogos then tried to self destruct, but failed to destroy the Mazinger.


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