Grengus C3
Composition Super Steel
Power Source Atomic Enegry
Pilot Limited AI
Grengus C3 is the Mechaincal Beast for episode 29 of the Mazinger Z anime. It is essentially the anime counterpart to Ghostfire V9


Grengus shape has a yellow Roman Armor. His head is bulbous insect like with a pink fin at the top. His arms & legs are grey color with Wrecking balls for hands with chains connecting to the arms.

Abilities & PowersEdit

Grengus can use his wrecking ball hands as weapons. His fin can turn bright red heating up and is detachable able to send itself into the enemy burning them.


Grengus C3 is seen in the begining of the episode wrecking Mazinger Z in battle. After wrapping Mazinger with his chains, Grengus swung him around and finally threw it which made the Mazinger explode on impact of the ground. However this all turns out to be a mock test with a imitation Mazinger Z as the real Koji is at a festival. Dr Hell gloats how Grengus will be the downfall of Mazinger with Ashura agreeing.


  • In Tranzor Z it was known as Grenge 3.
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