Composition Space Alloy Gren
Power Source Photo Quantum Reactor
Pilot Duke Fleed
Notable moves Hand Beam, Double Harken, Screw Crusher Punch, Hanjuryoku Storm, Space Thunder
Grendizer is a mecha created on Planet Fleed based on stories from the inhabitants ancestors of Sygma and is modeled after Great Spirit Raaga.


The Grendizer resembles its original countpart as a humanoid robot with yellow horns on its head and is primarily colored black and red.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

The Grendizer is made of an alloy that is very strong and durable to survive attacks by continuous blows. It is powered by photons that it is able to absorb from any light source including the sun. When in a completely dark environment, it begins to power down. When integrated with the Spazer it is able to bend space and travel through a wormhole.


Main article: Spazers

At the start of the manga the Grendizer had access to a Spazer that when integrated allowed Grendizer to fly through the air and travel faster than light in space. Later it is given additional spazers for combat in the sky, sea, and underground.


  • Hand Beam: Shoots energy beams out of the back of its hand.
  • Double Harken: Releases crescent moon bladed staffs from the shoulders.
  • Screw Crusher Punch: Launches forearm after blades on are flip forward making it a drill.
  • Hanjuryoku Storm: Releases a beam from the chest that can blast enemies and lift them off the ground.
  • Space Thunder: Releases high voltage electricity from horns.


The Grendizer was modeled after the ancient machine Raaga used by the ancestors of Planet Fleed's inhabitants. It was since passed down in Planet Fleed's royal family to be used in case war broke out. The Vegan Empire sought to obtain the Grendizer by invading the planet. However, the Grendizer and Planet Fleed's crown prince Duke Fleed were sent out to a distant planet before it could be captured. For years it was hidden on Earth with Duke taking the name Daisuke Umon. However, with the attack by the Vegan Empire on Earth, the Grendizer was reactivated to fight the Empire. It fought against many threats sent by the Empire, but Duke later had Grendizer target Earth's governments after losing patience with Earth. As the Vegan Empire and Earth's government broke out in war, Duke unleashed the Grendizer's full power. As nuclear war broke out and Raaga attempted to stop it by wiping out civilization, Duke and Maria tried to stop it but it was too late. After the earthquake and tsunami, Grendizer entered a state of hibernation beneathe the Earth while putting its pilots in stasis.