Great Bardon
Composition Super Steel
Power Source Atomic Energy
Pilot Limited AI
Great Bardon is a Mechanical Beast that appeared in the TV Magazine manga along with Urah P9.


Great Bardon is a large bat-like Mechanical Beast with humanoid legs, large wings, sharp fangs, no visible eyes, and a jewel-like nose.


Great Bardon is able to fly long distances due to its wings and ability to negate gravity. This gravity negation ability can also be used offensively causing objects to pull out of the ground and into the air in the form of beams shot from the wings.


Great Bardon was sent out along with Urah P9 by Count Brocken to attack Tokyo. It destroyed most of the city until the arrival of Mazinger Z where it engaged Urah P9 in combat. After a small dogfight, Mazinger impaled both Mechanical Beasts with Urah P9's spear and destroying them with a Breast Fire.

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