Goronko S2
Composition Super Steel
Power Source Atomic Energy
Pilot Limited AI
Goronko S2 is a Mechanical Beast that was featured as the antagonist of episode 13 of Mazinger Z.


Goronko S2 is a spherical Mechanical Beast with a small head sticking out of its body, short arms, and legs. The body features several holes that hide several weapons.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

Goronko is able to retract its limbs to curl up into a ball to roll over enemies. It is able to cover itself in snow to disguise itself as a giant snowball. In one of the several holes of its body it has a cannon that shoot flames hot enough to melt snow in an instant. It also has a cannon that can shoot out a blizzard that can be used for varying effects. It also uses a sword for close combat and as a projectile for a cannon. Some holes also allow propulsion to fly.



  • When adapted to Tranzor Z the robot's name was "Abominable IC".


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