Composition Super Steel
Power Source Atomic Energy
Pilot Baron Ashura
A Mechanized Gool to match the Mazinkaiser. It appear in chapter 4 of the manga.

Appearance & AbilitiesEdit

The Gool has a more humanoid shape for single combat purposes. With it gain massive hands to put more force into its strikes. The head still remains the same shape while still having the back fin.


After the Mass-Produced Gool fell Baron Ashura had one more trick. When it Gool went down Ashura open the mouth of the Gool trying to catch Mazinkaiser in it jaws. It succeeds & not only catches Mazinkaiser but landed onto the Photon Laboratory. After Sayaka Yumi mourns a Mechanical Beast rises from the ashes to reveal it new form, with it clutching Mazinkaiser still in its mouth. Sayaka in the Venus A use Oppai Missile but to no avail. The Mazinger Army came as backup but the Gool merely swipes them away. Gool was going to out the final blow on Venus A but Sayaka calls went through to the unconscious Koji who activated his Kaiser Blade. As it went through the roof the Gool's mouth Venus A manage to catch it and use to slice through the neck of the Gool blowing it up in the process.

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