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Aerial Fortress Gool is a a large aircraft fortress created by Dr. Hell and used by Count Brocken after the destruction of the Saluud.


The Gool is a giant bomber-like airship with its design based on what appears to be a bird or a pterosaur with a razor sharp fin on the back.

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Weapons and FeaturesEdit

The Mechanical Beasts are catapulted through the mouth-like structure of the Gool. It features a large array of weapons including numerous projectiles, magnetic rays, and bombs. These weapons and the Gool's large size allow it to take on an army of fighter jets and even an airborne Mazinger Z. For disguises and stealth purposes, the Gool can generate smoke to make it appear like a cloud.


Original MangaEdit

The Gool was first used by Baron Ashura to bring the River F9 to Schtroheim Heinrich's house to retrieve a robot from him. Later as the Mazinger Army approached Hell Castle; Dr. Hell sent out Count Brocken and Baron Ashura with the Gool and Bood respectively. Count Brocken managed to take out some of the robots with the Mechanical Beasts on board. However, when the Mazinger with the completed Jet Scrander appeared, the Fortress was shot down along with Brocken and crashed onto the Bood and Ashura wiping out both lieutenants. The Gool however was still functioning and was reprogrammed to go back to Hell Castle for Mazinger and Venus A to follow.


The Gool was created by Dr. Hell to replace the Saluud after it was destroyed. Although Baron Ashura desired the new fortress, it was given to Count Brocken instead. Brocken would take the Gool into battle whenever possible for his schemes, including the ones where he and Ashura would pair up together (Brocken never missed his chance to mock Ashura for not controlling the vessel). For a short while, the Gool was used by Ashura in his final attempt to destroy the Mazinger where it got damaged. After repairs the Gool was used by Brocken again before finally being destroyed along with Brocken and Dr. Hell on the final assault on Hell Castle.

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