Goddess Mazinger
Composition Special Stone
Power Source Unknown
Pilot Aila Mu
Goddess Mazinger is a large statue-like mecha piloted by Aila Mu the queen of Mu in the battle against the Mycenae Empire. It is a female counterpart to the original God Mazinger but does not appear to be as powerful.


Goddess Mazinger resembles its original counterpart but with a more human-esque face, a slimmer body, and visible breasts on its chest.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

Goddess Mazinger is armed with a sword for combat and appears to be more durable than the standard Mu Army mecha but lacks some its original counterpart's strength in combat and inner power. Due to Aila's ability, it is also able to use the Sacred Treasure of Mu.


Goddess Mazinger was used by Aila in the battles against the Mycenae Empire but the Mu Army's small numbers and lack of firepower was not enough to make much of a dent in the army until the arrival of Venus A. Since then Goddess Mazinger would fight alongside the army and Venus emerging victorious against General Juuma.

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