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Prior to Grendizer there were plans for a sequel to Great Mazinger more closely associated with the series. This was called God Mazinger.

Series ProjectEdit


The original God Mazinger design.

Compared to Grendizer, it continued the fight with all of the remnants of the Mycenae Empire with the Great Mazinger being destroyed, Tetsuya Tsurugi being paralyzed, and Jun Hono dying. It also featured a new Mazinger robot dubbed God Mazinger, which would have been made by a new type of Super Alloy Z known as Super Alloy God Z made from the Japanium being irradiated by anti-proton energy during the purification process, creating a much stronger metal. The Photonic Energy would have replaced by anti-proton energy. The origins of the Mycenae Empire would also be revealed as their scientists and generals being descendents of aliens. The Mycenae would also have another replacement for the Great General position known as Albatros. Unfortunately, the design for the God Mazinger proved to be a failure and the project was aborted.

Second AttemptEdit


God Mazinger's second design.

There was another attempt made for the God Mazinger and this time having the mecha combine with an aircraft, which was later used for the creation of Grendizer along with characteristics from Uchu Enban Daisenso. The plot of the series would be set in the future, but that aside, nothing else was described about it.


With both attempts failing, the title and robot of God Mazinger was used for a series unrelated to it predecessors with a different cast of characters and plot. The use of a superior successor to both Mazinger Z and Great Mazinger was used for the concept of Mazinkaiser.