God Mazinger
Composition Special Stone
Power Source Unknown
Pilot Four Swordsmen

The God Mazinger are the guardian deities of Mu. Unlike their original counterpart, it is a group of four ancient robots instead of a single entity and they are commanded by the Goddess Mazinger.

Appearance and Abilities Edit

The four robots share the same appearance as their original counterpart with only a few changes including battle damage with one of the God Mazinger entities missing a horn on its helmet. They are all armed with swords for combat but after fighting for so long against multiple enemies, their effectiveness has lessened.

History Edit

The God Mazinger had been piloted by the Four Swordsmen to protect the kingdom of Mu while commanded by Queen Aila Mu and her Goddess Mazinger. Overtime the overwhelming forces of the Mycenae Empire had begun to overpower the group and they were at their wits end until Aila called for help which brought the Venus A who was able to use the Sacred Treasure of Mu to force the Empire back.

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