Glossam X2
Composition Super Steel
Power Source Atomic Energy
Pilot Limited AI

Glossam X2 was a large underwater combat Mechanical Beast used by Baron Ashura when trying to escape Koji.


The Glossam like all Mechanical Beasts was massive in size, it had a pink colour scheme and a pair of cutters at the top of its head and a pair of propelers on its back. It features a multi-lense panel on its chest for its heat ray.

Powers and AbilitesEdit

The Glossam X2 could fire heat rays from its body, and use the cutters at the top of its head as an attack, using the propelers on its back to swim at high speeds through water.



Grossam X2 being overcome by the Mazinger Z's Breast Fire.

After the Balgas was destroyed, Baron Ashura sent out the Glossam X2 to combat the Mazinger. The Glossam X2's speed made it difficult for the Mazinger to hit it, however eventually the two get into a battle with their heat attacks, Glossam X2 using its chest laser and Mazinger using its Breast Fire, however the Mazinger proves to be superior to the Glossam and it explodes under the heat's pressure.
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