Glanada E3
Composition Super Steel
Power Source Atomic Energy
Pilot Limited AI
Glanada E3 is a Mechanical Beast that served as the monster-of-the-week for episode 36 of the Mazinger Z anime.


Glanada E3 resembles a large blue sperm whale with purple humanoid limbs protruding out of its body and a yellow underbelly. Its inner body resembles a purple iguana with a yellow underbelly and no limbs save for triangular wings outfitted with boosters.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

Glanada E3 is capable of swimming and using techniques that outmaneuver a submarine. It uses its long tail to bash enemies, has strong jaws that latch onto an enemy, and has two nuclear warheads inside its body. After shedding its shell, an inner body capable of flight takes over. The said body can release missiles from both eyes.


Trivia Edit

  • His Roar is a slightly edited Ebirah Roar
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