Genzo Umon
Kanji 宇門 源蔵
Kana うもん げんぞう
Gender Male
Age (Middle Aged)
Robot Developed Spazers
Affiliation Space Science Laboratory
Family and Relations Duke Fleed/Daisuke Umon (Adopted Son)
Voice Actor Jōji Yanami
First Appearance Duke Fleed and Koji Kabuto
Dr. Genzo Umon is the director the Space Science Laboratory studying the recent UFO sightings as well as the co-owner of a ranch tended by his friend Danbei Makiba. He is also the adopted father of Duke Fleed, who gave him the alias Daisuke Umon.


Dr. Umon found Duke after he crashlanded on Earth fleeing from the Vegan Empire. Dr. Umon took Duke in as a son giving him the name Daisuke Umon while repressing his memories as Duke Fleed. Eventually Dr. Umon introduced Duke to Danbei Makiba and his family, including Hikaru Makiba.

Appearance Edit

Dr. Umon is a middle aged man standing at average height and weight. He has black hair with a mustache, black eyes, and sideburns. He is usually seen in a light blue suit composed of a dress jacket, pants, a dark blue vest, a white dress shirt with a black neckband, and black shoes. At the lab, he is dressed in a gray lab suit with light blue lining.


Dr. Umon is a warm and friendly man who is easy to approach and talk to. However, like many scientists in the franchise, Dr. Umon prefers to stay focused on his job than anything else including the ranch he owns and his family.


Duke FleedEdit

Duke came into Dr. Umon's life after crash landing on Earth. Dr. Umon took Duke in as his son under the name Daisuke Umon. When the Vegan Empire started to attack, instead of protecting Duke from them, Dr. Umon decides to support Duke and his allies. However, Genzo and Daisuke's relationship is more professional than familial. This is mainly because Dr. Umon treats Duke as an adult who does not need him for close relationships, especially since Duke is so attached to his birth family.

Danbei MakibaEdit

Dr. Umon has been friends with Danbei for several years, sharing a love for astronomy with him and visiting his family from time to time.

Abilities Edit

Dr. Umon is an astronomer having a large institute dedicated to studying the cosmos. He also has access to special equipment in fields including robotics as well as mechanics as shown by his creations of the Spazers.


When the Vegan Empire started their attack on Earth, Duke regained his memories and Dr. Umon guided him to where they hid the Grendizer. After fending off the Saucer Beasts, Dr. Umon and Duke share Duke's true identity to Koji. Deciding to help Duke in his fight against the empire, Dr. Umon serves as an adviser and support such as construction of the Spazers.

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