Genocider F9
Composition Super Steel
Power Source Atomic Energy
Pilot Limited AI
A flying Mechanical Beast in the in second assault on Tokyo.

Appearance & Abilities Edit

Genocider was built to function like a jet. Its body is marked with green shapes. With its barrage of missiles it can drop support fire down below.

History Edit

When Great Mazinger unsucessfully attack a bunch of Mechanical Beasts Genocider & Jenoba M9 bombard Tetsuya. When Aphrodite A was captured Genocider was one of the three holding her chains. Mazinkaiser was forced to surrender but Koji cleverly found a way out and destroyed the Gool. Genocider hold the damaged Aphrodite A in its hands however Great Mazinger came up with the Great Booster and smash Genocider's face in. Its body was melted by Great's Breast Burn and exploded on impact with the ground.

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