General Draydou
Kanji 妖爬虫将軍ドレイドウ
Kana N/A
Gender Male
Age (Ageless)
Robot Himself and Reptilian Warrior Beasts
Affiliation Mycenae Empire
Family and Relations Reptilian Warrior Beasts
Voice Actor Kaneta Kimotsuki,

Kazuya Tatekabe (uncredited)

First Appearance Unknown
General Draydou (妖爬虫将軍ドレイドウ Hachūurui Shougun Doreidou) is the leader of the Mycenae Empire's Reptilian Warrior Beast army.


Draydou resembles an Eastern Dragon in blue French musketeer-like garments. His true face is located on his abdomen.


Draydou is one of the most cunning but underhanded Generals in the empire, but he is also careful on how his plans go.


In strategy Draydou devises big and brutal plans that can put an enemy at a disadvantage. His dragon head is able to breathe fire (which the manga says is radioactive).


Draydou was sent out into battle when called for with his strategies putting the Great Mazinger at a disadvantage, but ultimately failed. In the final battle, he fought against the Mazingers but was attacked by the Jet Scrander from behind, cutting Draydou in half and destroying him.