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Composition Unknown
Power Source Unknown
Pilot Garan

Geistteles is Garan's personal mech.


Geistteles is a large humanoid and heavily armored robot. It is colored white, gold, and gray. Its armor features spikes on the shoulders, helmet, and kneecaps. The feet also has claws.

Abilities and Equipment[]

In spite of Geistteles' large size and armor it is able to move at very high speeds. Its armor is also very strong able to withstand the attacks of the Mazinkaiser SKL. It is armed with a dragon-headed spear for combat, the dragon head can open its mouth to grasp object and release an electric charge, while the other end can be used as a traditional spear.


As the Death Caprice Squad, broke into his fortress Garan fought Ken before going to pilot the Geistteles. As the duo activated the Kaiser, it fought against Garan's robot. The Geistteles' speed and armor along with Garan's skills put the Kaiser in a pinch. Garan then received word from Himiko about Ryo's past, causing the pilot to attack in rage which made a few openings. Ken knocked out Ryo and took control of the Kaiser long enough to avoid a fatal blow aimed at the Pilder (it pierced an eye instead). The Geistteles then pushes the Kaiser down a trench. However, the Kaiser got back up for a rematch. The Kaiser put up more of an equal fight and when Garan became aware that Himiko was killed, the distraction was long enough for the Mazinkaizer SKL to impale the Geistteles. The robot exploded along with its pilot.