Gargle RD7
Composition Super Steel
Power Source Atomic Energy
Pilot Limited AI,

Baron Ashura (Remote Control)

Gargle RD7 is a Mechanical Beast used by Baron Ashura in a plot to destroy Mazinger Z in Shin Mazinger Shogeki! H Hen.


Gargle RD7 is a large Mechanical Beast with a dragon-like appearance. Its face has horns and fins extending out of its head, sharp teeth, and a large gaping mouth. It has disproportional sized limbs and sharp claws. Gargle features metal tentacles extending from its neck and down throughout its body that are used to hold hostages. Its arms also have spikes attached to it.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

Gargle mainly uses brute force and its metal tentacles to hold hostages. When its opponent is distracted by the hostages, it attacks without mercy and even uses its hostages as shields. It can also shoots missiles out of its shoulders.


Gargle RD7 was used by Baron Ashura using teenaged girls from Koji's school when they were in the showers including Sayaka. As the Japanese Defense Force held it off, Koji with Mazinger Z arrived, he noticed the girls and was a bit smitten with lust. Gargle proceeded to attack and Z fought back but with the monster using hostages as shields, the fight was difficult. Things only got worse when Baron Ashura had Gargle flash Sayaka private areas and started to beat the Mazinger. After it shot missiles, Mazinger used the smokescreen to its advantage and used its Koshiryoku Beam to cut most of the girls from their bindings. Prof. Yumi then arrived used a rocket launcher to distract Baron Ashura while Sayaka boarded Aphrodite A Neo to help fight the Mechanical Beast. With both robots ensnaring it, the Gargle was destroyed while Baron Ashura escaped.

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