Kanji N/A
Kana ガラン
Gender Male
Age (Middle Aged)
Robot Geistteles
Affiliation Garan Army
Family and Relations Himiko (Assistant)
Voice Actor Banjō Ginga
First Appearance Death Caprice
Garan is a villain in the Mazinkaiser SKL OVA. A man who desires control over Machine Island, he approaches his battles in a manner similar to a samurai warlord. He pilots the Geistteles.



Garan's profile

Garan is a large muscular man adorned in brown and yellow samurai-like armor. His skin is noticably tanned. His black hair is under a red helmet and has a long beard. The helmet features a white dragon head and a yellow band. Garan wears a black cape extending from his shoulder blades.


Garan is an ambitious warlord dedicated to gain total control of Machine Island under his rule. He is not afraid to make drastic measures to ensure of his victory. Compared to his competition Kiba, Garan is much more calm and calculating. Aila sensed from Garan that if he were to control the island, chaos would ensure hinting at an extreme desire to control not just Machine Island but the world.

Abilities and SkillsEdit

Garan is an experienced veteran of battle, possessing great swordsmanship that is matched by Ken Kaido. He is also a master strategist, having his army move to specific points in order to gain control of the battlefield. His skills as a pilot are also able to match the Death Caprice Squad with the Mazinkaiser SKL. He holds a psychic link with Himiko, that allows him to communicate with her and sense when either of them are in danger.


Garan noticed the SKL rise in the battle field as both his and Kiba's army are decimated. He merely watches on and discusses with Himiko about the matter of peace. Later as the Death Caprice Squad enter his fortress, Garan briefly battles Ken in a swordfight before parting to pilot his robot and fight the SKL. The Geistteles' great speed gave Garan an edge and after taunting Ryo Magami, managed to throw the Kaiser into a trench. However, the Death Caprice Squad come back out and the two robots fought again. At first they are evenly matched but when Himiko is killed by Kiba, Garan gets distracted and is impaled by the Kaiser's Ganzanto. Garan laments that his closeness with Himiko cost him victory and was destroyed when the Geistteles explode.

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