Garada K7
Garada K7 (Shin) CS
Composition Super Steel
Power Source Atomic Energy
Pilot Limited AI

Garada K7 (ガラダK7) is a large Mechanical Beast that was partnered with Doublas M2 in Shin Mazinger.


Garada is a large humanoid with a skull-like face and giant scythes attached to its head.


The Garada is armed with two large scythes on its head that can be launched in a boomerang fashion to attack enemies. The scythes can also be used for close combat.


Garada K7 and Doublas M2 were originally a singular Mechanical Beast called the Garadoubla MK01 used by the Mycenae Empire, it was badly damaged and its remains were eventually found by Dr. Hell and his men. The parts were reassembled in two separate forms that make the two Mechanical Beasts current identity.

Baron Ashura sent the Garada and Doublas M2 after removing their disguises as Talos statues to attack the activated Mazinger Z in modern times. As the Mazinger was only recently activated, Koji had difficulty fighting them. Garada threw Mazinger onto a building crushing the people inside. Juzo Kabuto instructed his grandson on how to use the Rust Hurricane, which corroded the Garada K7 into dust.


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