Gaia Q5
Composition Super Steel
Power Source Atomic Energy
Pilot A.I

Gaia Q5 is the monster-of-the-week of Episode 4 of the Mazinger Z anime.


Gaia Q5 is a giant Grey devilish humanoid with black stripes on its chest and back. It features a pair of horns extending from its head, a white visor, orange eyes, a stout nose, and a toothed mouth. Its shoulders are decorated with a pair of curved spikes. Down its back is cape-like armor.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Gaia Q5 is a mostly defensive Mechanical Beast that has projectile resistant armor and utilizes electromagnetic fields that can be used offensively as bolts fired from the horns or control machines including the Mazinger's fists or even an entire robot like Aphrodite A.


Gaia Q5 is first seen at the beginning of the episode boasting a loud roar. Impressed, Dr. Hell gives the Mechanical Beast to Baron Ashura to tame the Mazinger Z. Ashura unleashes it from his/her ship onto the docks to fight.

Entering battle, Gaia took over Sayaka's Aphrodite A as she was distracting Koji from his lecture. Gaia made Aphrodite march its way to the docks where Gaia proceeds to assault it. The Mazinger appears too late to help the Aphrodite A so Koji entrusts Sayaka's safety to Boss. When Mazinger approaches, Gaia backs up to lure Mazinger Z into a trap. When Mazinger Z sends a double Rocket Punch, Gaia took control of the remotes signals, making them miss Gaia. Gaia then shoots a beam from its horns at Mazinger, proceeding to take control of the robot. With Mazinger Z defenseless, Gaia starts to give a beatdown on the robot. Gaia once again lures Mazinger Z to seaside only for Shiro to shoot a mysterious missile which starts raining slime on the Mazinger Z to give Koji control once again. Gaia makes a tactical retreat over this only to be struck behind by a Missile Punch from Mazinger Z ending the Mechanical Beast.


  • Its roar at the beginning is used as a voice clip for some Mechanical Beasts in Super Robot Wars.
  • His Roar is a reused Jiger Roar from Gamera vs Jiger


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