Fire Venus
Composition Super Alloy Z
Power Source Photonic Energy
Pilot Sakurako Hono
Fire Venus is a robot used by former Mazinger Angel, Sakurako Hono. Much like it's pilot, Fire Venus originally came from the manga Iron Muscle.


Fire Venus is a female humanoid robot, featuring a flame-like 'hair-style' while designed to look like it was wearing a leotard. Parts of its body feature furnaces that generate flames. It also features the older MA insignia.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

Unlike later robots used by the MA, Fire Venus was built for hand-to-hand combat lacking the O.P.M. System. The furnaces around its body generate hot flames that can be used to enhance its blows. Its attacks include:

  • Fire Punch: After igniting fire into its fist, Fire Venus attacks with a powerful blow.
  • Fire Kick: Igniting fire to the heels to deliver a powerful flying kick.
  • Fire Attack: Tackles an enemy after igniting the arms.


When a Mechanical Beast sent by Dr. Hell attacked the MA headquarters, Sakurako Hono went to fight against the threat with Fire Venus while the Angels finished their training and Prof. Nonaka finished the Exceed Spear. The Fire Venus managed to hold off the Mechanical Beast until the current generation robots came with the completed Exceed Spears and destroyed the Mechanical Beast. The Fire Venus was used again along with Cutie Honey when Dr. Hell attacked Tokyo while the current generation was busy fighting the Dragonsaurus, until the arrival of the Snow White Aphrodite A.

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