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The Emperor of Darkness previously known as Hades is the leader of the underworld and the archrival of Zeus. Originally one of three alien cyborgs that came to Earth, he established his rule in the lower dwellings of the surface, seeking control of the surface from Zeus. After his body was destroyed, his soul remained as the flaming entity, the Emperor of Darkness managing to successfully take control of the Mycenae Empire and build his own army.


Poseidon and Zeus

Hades, along with Zeus and Poseidon were sent by their superior Uranus to Earth to set it up as a strategic point in an intergalactic war. Hades took command of the land below the surface, while Zeus cut their ties with Uranus after becoming interested in the humans on Bardos. Hades saw this act as foolish, and due to their already deep rivalry saw Zeus as unworthy to be ruler of Bardos.


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As Hades, he is based on his counterpart from Z Mazinger with the appearance of a large demon with two faces and multiple horns on his body. His first face is on his head which allows him to speak while the second is on his torso. He has a red, blue, and black color scheme all over his body. He greatly resembles Grendizer and Great Spirit Raaga.

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As the Emperor of Darkness, he is a large flaming entity with a demonic face featuring black marks and a pair of glowing eyes.


As Hades, he was a militant being who looked down on the humans of Earth only interested in using them as resources for the Empire's end. He had a rivalry with Zeus that spanned for a long time, which only intensified as Zeus broke ties with their former commander. Hades plotted to have Zeus killed so that he could take control of Bardos. As the Emperor of Darkness, his hate and desire for conquest only strengthened causing him to sink Bardos to do away with Zeus once and for all and remake the Mycenae Empire in his image.

Abilities and Powers[]

As Hades, he has authority over the dead and is able to control deadly flames that can incinerate anything in their path, most of them coming out of the mouth on his chest. In combat, he is not as powerful as Zeus and resorts to using underhanded tactics to fight more powerful opponents, but is able to use a large flaming sword (or a pair of them) that release from the mouth on his chest. After becoming the Emperor of Darkness he gained greater powers, causing Bardos to sink under his own power.


With Archduke Gorgon they hatch a plan to trick Zeus to lower his golden barrier with Baron Ashura. After doing so Hades proceeds to destroy a town with the inhabitants with his fiery blaze. Hades then steps out out of a inferno and berates Zeus for being so naive. As Zeus reach out to Hades, his arm is suddenly struck, severing it. Soon after Ashura distracts Hades, Zeus struck a blow with the blunt end of his spear. Hades proceeds to bring out Bardos Island and duel with Zeus. Hades managed to punch Zeus down but is hit by a surprise attack by Mazinger Z using Garadoublas' eye lasers. Zeus reanimates his golden barrier and the two once again duel with swords. Mazinger Z interferes uses a Rocket Punch using both fists to take out one of Hades top eyes on his head. Zeus impressed by this attack used his own Rocket Punch with his severed arm, throwing it at Hades torso face destroying him. Hades body is broken up to pieces but a huge storm of fire appears from his remains and vows to come back as the Emperor of Darkness commanding an army with Seven Generals and sinks Bardos Island.



  • The Super Robot Wars games have used this version of the Emperor of Darkness on several occasions, and in all of them, he has served as Shin Mazinger's ultimate antagonist. In Super Robot Wars Z3: Jigoku-hen, he first appears in his material form, while his flame form only makes a brief cameo in his death animation. Both forms are fought in Super Robot Wars V, and his flame form only in Super Robot Wars X.

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