Elkines K2
Kj mv elkines-k2
Composition Super Steel
Power Source Atomic Energy
Pilot Limited AI
Elkines K2 (エルキネスK2 Erukinesu K2) was a large Mechanical Beast that was sent to attack the Photon Power Laboratory and capture Devilman.


Elkines K2 is a large humanoid Mechanical Beast mostly colored green featuring a dark green torso, hands, axila, and, feet and light green midsections, forearms, and thighs. On the chest is a vertical pair of red dots. Two yellow antenna stick out of the shoulders, while the top of its head is a purple dome. It has sharp claws that likely are used to fight enemies.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

Elkines K2 was hardly seen in combat, and it appears that its only weapon is a pair of sharp claws.


Elkines was a Mechanical Beast under the control of Dr. Hell and the Ashura Corps. After Mazinger Z lands on Dr. Hell's flying fortress the Navalon he sends several Mechanical beasts to combat him, one of which was Elkines K2. While it seemed that the Mazinger was being beaten, Devilman flew up and destroyed Elkines K2 with his Devil Beam as well as Dankimas C2.


  • Elkines K2 appears to be a redesign of Bazin B9 from the Mazinger Z manga.
  • It also appears to be the inspiration for Dynamo Man from ''Mega Man and Bass''.
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