Dr. Hell's Mech
Dr. Hell SFC
Composition Super Steel
Power Source Atomic Energy
Pilot Dr. Hell

An unnamed Mechanical Beast modeled after and piloted by Dr. Hell that served as the final boss of the Mazinger Z video game.


It looks very much like Dr. Hell himself but with a few liberties that make it look more mechanical. On the abdomen is a missile launcher containing drill-tipped missiles. It has a circular globe on the head where Dr. Hell possibly pilots the robot. When the main body is defeated the a giant head that resembles Dr. Hell's own appears to fight Mazinger. If you look closely when it opens it mouth you can see fangs. It is unknown if it is the head of the last mech enlarged or a different backup machine as it much too big to be the head of the last form.


The robot possesses combat abilities that rival the Mazinger Z. The launcher on its abdomen launches drill missiles at enemies to inflict damage. It could also charge energy so it can either unleash fire towers from underneath Z, launch into the air firing yellow beams, or fire yellow energy balls shaped after its own head. It has incredibly high amount of agility for Dr. Hell can do a bunch of acrobatics martial arts. The head form is able to breathe fire in fireballs or in a flamethrower style. It can teleport while bringing lighting down.


Hell Pilder SNES
When Koji Kabuto passed through all of Dr. Hell's Forces with Mazinger Z, Dr. Hell decides to fight the Mazinger face-to-face in his own personal robot. After Z defeats the robotic mad man it turns out Dr. Hell built his own pilder shape of his enlarged head to fight once again. In a difficult battle, Mazinger manages to defeat Dr. Hell and end his plans for world domination.
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