Doublas M2
Doublas M2 (Shin) CS
Composition Super Steel
Power Source Atomic Energy
Pilot Limited AI

Doublas M2 (ダブラスM2) was one of the first Mechanical Beasts along with Garada K7 to take on Mazinger Z.


Doublas M2 resembles its original counterparts retaining its two heads; but it has a different paintjob having a lighter blue body with purple armor, yellow horns and claws, eyes with red scelera and blue pupils.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

Doublas M2 like its original counterpart mainly makes use of beam weapons, this one having a high powered beam that is shot from either of its heads.


Doublas M2 was originally fused with Garada K7 as the ancient Mechanical Beast Garadoubla MK01, it was left in a badly damaged state in both components. When Dr. Hell uncovered the damaged Mechanical Beast, he had Kenzo Kabuto repair it as two separate Mechanical Beasts. It was launched by Baron Ashura to attack Mazinger after getting rid of its Talos giant disguise. Together with Garada K7, it fought against Mazinger Z in Atami. He managed to serverely damage Baion β when it interfered before grappling Mazinger again. Koji was then instructed by his grandfather to unleash the Breast Fire which melted the top half of the body and the Doublas ceased functioning.


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