Doublas M2
Composition Super Steel
Power Source Atomic Energy
Pilot Limited AI

Doublas M2 (ダブラスM2) is a series of robots released by Dr. Hell after both Toros D7 and Minerva X failed to work.

Appearance Edit

Doublas M2 resembles its original counterpart featuring two horned heads attached to long necks with a humanoid body.

Abilities and Equipment Edit

Doublas M2 is able to fire beams from its heads to attack enemies and uses its overwhelming numbers to overpower opponents. They also have the ability to combine into a stronger form if some tactics fail to work.

History Edit

When Minerva stopped attacking, Dr. Hell sent out an army of Doublas M2 to attack the Mazinger Angels. While some of the robots managed to be destroyed, the rest of the Mechanical Beasts combined into King Doublas.

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