Diana A
Composition Super Alloy Z
Power Source Photonic Energy Engine
Pilot Hikaru Makiba
Dimensions Height: 16 meters

Weight: 18 tons

Notable moves Oppai Missile System, Mazinger Blade
Diana A is one of the four main robots of the Mazinger Angels, it is piloted by Hikaru Makiba.


Diana largely resembles its original counterpart but is colored blue and white while the crown has a metallic gray color and OPM shares the basic orange topped missiles for breasts. The design has it appear to be wearing a bodysuit.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

Scarlet MobileEdit

Diana A's cockpit the Scarlet Mobile, is a motorcycle that can be deployed and shoot beams at enemies. Because it is an opened cockpit, it lacks ventilation of the other robots.

Oppai Missile SystemEdit

A weapon system used by current generation Angels robots.

  • Missiles: Standard explosive missiles fired at enemies.
  • Screw Crusher Missile: Based on the Screw Crusher Punch of the Grendizer, fired at enemies and grinds through them, but at a lower penetration than the Drill Pressure Missiles.
  • Liquid Shooter: Fires the melting liquid Meltron M-3 from a tank of 2000 liters, capable of melting anything that is not Super Alloy Z.
  • Blizzard Smash: A strong tornado blown from the Venus Typhoon that on a low temperature mode can freeze enemies. When used together with the Fire Tornado, enemies can crumble from the colliding temperatures.
  • Mazinger Blade: A fold-able sword extracted from the left breast cavity for combat, capable of cutting through metal 4 meters deep.
  • Pink Rose Missile: Missile topped with a pink rose like decoration that when shot scatters to petals, disrupts signals from projectiles like guided missiles and even issues new commands.
  • Exceed Spear: A melee weapon built for close combat; the tip transforms into the Screw Crusher model to fit Diana A's style.

Marine Blue MermaidEdit

By docking with the Marine Submarine Pilder instead of the Scarlet Mobile, Diana A is in a state that allows it to fight more effectively underwater. Its appearance changes to a form with fins and a propulsion system. Diana is armed with a trident that can fire torpedoes from the tip.


Diana A is used whenever Hikaru is available to perform missions. As Hikaru and Diana, had less screen time than the others, there have not been many developments or arcs focused on them, aside from rescues and fights against powerful enemies. By the time, the Dragonsaurus began its attack the Marine Blue Mermaid mode was revealed when Aphrodite A was in a pinch with an aquatic Mechanical Beast. She dealt the final blow to the Dragonsaurus along with Venus A Queen of Gold and Minerva X Sirene Mode. Diana A was not seen or mentioned in Mazinger Angels Z, and with Hikaru's retirement from active duty, it is assumed to be in storage.

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