Demos F3
Composition Super Steel
Power Source Atomic Energy
Pilot AI

Demos F3 is the third Mechanical Beast featured in Mazinger ZIP!. Compared to other Mechanical Beasts, it exhibits a unique behavior.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Demos F3 has the same design as its original counterpart having a green humanoid body and a teal top head with wings sprouting out. When first encountering the rather clunky Mazinger ZIP!, Demos sympathized with the robot and even wanted to start a relationship with it when Demos initially came to attack the lab while Dr. Yumi and the three scientists were having dinner. It is not as easily fooled thanks to a special voice recognition software shown when Dr. Yumi tried to trick it into believing he was Mazinger.

History Edit

Demos was initially sent to attack the Photon Power Laboratory with the Mazinger not currently present. By the time Mazinger came in bad shape, Demos sympathized with it. When Demos attacked again, Dr. Yumi tried to use its voice recognition to trick into thinking Mazinger wanted to spend time with it. Demos was not fooled so Aphrodite A fought against it. It is last used in an attempt to bomb the NTV studio where ZIP! is playing but was met with strong opposition from (ironically) the Iron Masks especially since it was the exam season.

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