Demos F3
Composition Super Steel
Power Source Atomic Energy
Pilot Limited AI
Demos F3 is a Mechanical Beast controlled by Count Brocken in his plan for revenge against the Mazinger Angels.


Demos F3 resembles a humanoid Mechanical Beast with a lighter upper face that features a pair of wings extending out of it and a belt-like structure on the waist.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

Unlike its original counterpart, Demos F3 can emit radio signals that allow it to control systems of a machine including an enemy robot. The tranceiver is located in the head, and once removed stops the radio control systems.


Demos F3 appeared along with Jeiser J1 after Yubrin T9 destroyed the MA base. After Brocken appeared to voice his proclamation of revenge, Minerva X Sirene Mode unleashed a Rocket Punch on the Mechanical Beasts. Demos took control of the flying claws and after knocking down Minerva took Maria hostage for the Iron Bras to be placed on the other MA robots. After their pilots escaped and formed a counterattack, Brocken brought out Demos again but its head was cut off by an Iron Cutter Missile and was destroyed along with Jeiser in a triple OPM missile attack.

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