Demonger J5
Kj mv demonger-j5
Composition Unknown
Power Source Unknown
Pilot Unknown
Demonger J5 is a bat-like Mechanical Beast from Mazinger Z vs. Devilman and later it is seen in Mazinkaiser.


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Demonger J5 resembles a demonic bat monster mainly colored purple. Its face is colored black with green marks, the horns on its head are colored black and green. It has large purple wings attached to its back. It features razor sharp claws and fangs and red eyes.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

The Demonger is able to fly through the thrusters on its feet an the wings on its head provide stabilization. The sharp claws on its hands are used for close combat. It is armed with a sonic ray in its mouth.


Mazinger Z vs. DevilmanEdit

Demonger J5 fought alongside Zaurus F1 and Bragger S1 alongside Mazinger Z and Aphrodite A. Demonger J5 fought in the air, making the battle difficult for Z. Aphrodite A managed to use its missiles to propel the Mazinger Z into the air where the Mazinger Z managed to destroyed the Demonger. But the commotion caused by the battle freed the demon Sirene.



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