Dayan N4
Composition Super Steel
Power Source Atomic Energy
Pilot Limited AI
Dayan N4 is a Mechanical Beast that was among the group in an attempt to capture Mazinkaiser.


Dayan N4 had an appearance similar to its original counterpart having a bulky humanoid body with bronze coloring but had much more visible armor and a pronounced mouth. Its legs also resemble padded tubes rather than structures.


Dayan has not been seen in much combat but appears to retain its great strength.


Dayan N4 was one of the Mechanical Beasts that attacked Tokyo to lure out Mazinkaiser. When Aphrodite A was captured and the Kasier was surrendered, the plan appeared to work. That is until the appearance of the Great Booster which allowed a counterattack and the Mechanical Beasts including Dayan were destroyed.

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