Danube α1
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Composition Super Steel
Power Source Unknown
Pilot Lorelai Heinrich
Danube α1 is a special Mechanical Beast designed by Schtroheim Heinrich. It was designed to fight with a consciousness once its core component Lorelai Heinrich experienced a full range of emotions.


The Danube, was designed by Dr. Heinrich as a way to repay Dr. Hell for bringing him back to life. It's initial state however was just a mere machine that followed orders. To complete the Danube, Dr. Heinrich worked on a new solution that involved giving it a consciousness.


Img chara 03 09 01
In its initial appearance, the Danube appeared as a giant black and white humanoid robot with a tentacle sticking out of its head, a dark colored face with eyes that have red sclera and black pupils, and a large face that resembled Lorelai. After Lorelai became integrated into the robot, the Danube turned different shades of blue while its sclera changed to yellow.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

While the Danube is powerful on its own with great strength and durability, its main strength comes from Lorelai once she has integrated into it allowing the robot to think and adapt in combat. Compared to its contemporary, Mazinger Z, it's armor is nowhere near as strong, as such it makes up for it in agility. The tentacle on its head can be used as an extra appendage and as a whip. Its weapons including firing missiles from its abdomen, a fan that extends from face on its chest that can repel the Mazinger Z's Rust Hurricane, and a freeze ray from the same face called the German Blizzard that acts as a counter for the Mazinger's Breast Fire.


The Danube appears when Baron Ashura hijacks it from its hangar. When Dr. Heinrich tried to reclaim the robot, he is knocked away. Lorelai rushed to her father's side where the doctor reveals Lorelai as the core component to the Danube and calls her his greatest creation before dying. Lorelai upset that her father was dead removes the ribbon from her hair to combine with the Danube who knocks Baron Ashura away before fighting against the Mazinger who had been fighting Mechnaical Beasts for a while. It was a tough battle for the Mazinger Z as the Danube had counters for its opponent. With an opening, the Mazinger finally destroys the Danube and Lorelai with it.

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