Danube α1
Composition Super Steel
Power Source Atomic Energy
Pilot Lorelai Heinrich
Danube α1 (ドナウα1, also transliterated as "Donau" α1) is a robot created by Schtroheim Heinrich in the original manga. It has the special ability to assume a stronger form after Lorelai Heinrich integrates with it, gaining Lorelai's personality and an overall free will. Its counterpart in the anime is the Rhine/Rain X1.


At first the Danube is a black colored humanoid with a tentacle extending out of its head and a large version of Lorelai's face on its chest. After Lorelai is integrated the black colors turn blue as the Danube waterways that Dr. Heinrich always admired.

Weapons Edit

The Danube possess impressive denfensive strength able to withstand projectiles and energy attacks. It has great control over the tentacle on its head, using it like a whip. After Lorelai is integrated into the Danube, it gains free will and the ability to think and adapt in combat, allowing it to counter attacks. It features missiles on the abdomen which can be shot at opponents. The tentacle is powerful enough to to hold the Mazinger Z in the air and strike it down with great force. The face on the chest has a fan that can repel the Rust Hurricane.


The Danube burst out of the Heinrich house when Baron Ashura came to strike again in an attempt to steal it using the mechanical beast River F9. Ashura managed to control it with his/her Bardos Wand and manages to get the upper hand on Heinrich killing him. Heinrich explains to Lorelai who she really is. Lorelai removes her ribbon and becomes integrated into the robot. The Danube, now fully functional fends off Ashura's Mechanical Beast and fights against the Mazinger Z. Shiro was highly against it, but the robots fought anyway. After a difficult fight with both robots exchanging blows and countering each other's attacks, Mazinger detached the head of the robot and threw it at the body's chest that destroyed the Danube.


  • The Danube's naming by use of a Greek letter and a Latin number, and its description as a living robot was later used for the Ghost Mechanical Beasts.
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