Composition Super Steel
Power Source Atomic Energy
Pilot Limited AI

Danchel is a Mechanical Beast used on the attack on Tokyo to capture the Mazinkaiser.

Appearance & AbilitiesEdit

Danchel resembles its original counterpart with a lizard-like body with a humanoid head and back limbs, a brown torso, orange limbs, and dark green horns. The only noticeable difference is that its front limbs are clawed. Unlike its original counterpart, it has not demonstrated the same abilities and had only fought with brute strength.


Danchel was among the several Mechancial Beasts that attacked Tokyo to lure out Mazinkaiser. After its allies are overpowered and Aphrodite A is captured, the Great Mazinger made a comeback with the Great Booster taking out a couple Mechanical Beast and freeing Kaiser. Danchel and the rest of the Mechanical Beasts were later destroyed.
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