Dam Dam L2
Composition Super Steel
Power Source Atomic Energy
Pilot AI

Damdam L2 is a Mechanical Beast sent to wreak havoc on a nearby city and the Photon Power Laboratory with Koji Kabuto's assassination taking place.


In its first state Damdam L2 appear as two giant red wheels with yellow spikes sticking out of the sides. When


the wheels breach out the true face of the monster reveals. A blue cylinder connects the two wheel with giant teal lips in the middle. Not only does the mouth have a row of sharp teeth the but the actual face of the beast on the tip. A giant antenna sticks out with a red little probe that has two radars to fire lasers beams at opponents.


With the Gamia Q sisters sent out to kill Koji Kabuto, Damdam headed straight out to the Photon Lab to destroy it. It caused a lot of destruction onto a city while on the way. Venus A and Boss Borot tried to stop it but can
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Mazinkaiser beating Damdam L2

only hold out until Mazinkaiser comes. When Damdam was about to crush Venus it was stop by Mazinkaiser's Turbo Smasher Punches. With the help of Boss and Sayaka, Koji finally managed to end the threat of the beast with his Fire Blaster.

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