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Cutey Honey
is a media franchise created by Go Nagai in a series of different manga, anime, OVA, live-action TV and movies. The series focuses on Honey Kisaragi, an android modeled after Dr. Kisaragi's late daughter. She is outfitted with a unique device known by a variety of names that allows Honey to create matter from air and allow her transformations into various forms, the most famous being the titular Cutey Honey a red (or pink)-haired swordswoman armed with a rapier and a boomerang. Within the several different series are the villainous Panther Zora and Sister Jill, in most series they lead the all-women inhuman organization Panther Claw. They seek several valuable objects including Honey's device. Honey in return seeks vengeance on Panther Claw for killing her father. In some series she is assisted by several characters including different interpretations of Honey's best friend Natsuko Aki and the journalist Seiji Hayami (and sometimes his family). Cutey Honey became one of Nagai's most famous series along with Devilman and Mazinger, appearing in several different media.

Cutey Honey in MazingerEdit

Various characters from Cutey Honey appeared in Mazinger.

  • In the Mazinger Z manga by Gosaku Ōta, Misato is compared to Honey.
  • Seiji and Honey appear as magazine reporters in the God Mazinger manga.
  • Danbei Hayami (based on Daemon Abashiri) appears as the father of Hikaru Makiba.
    • Seiji also appears in episode 50 of Grendizer taking pictures in the crowd.
  • Honey Kisaragi appears in the Mazinger Angels manga as a former angel and trainer of the current team.
  • Honey Kisaragi appears again as a member of a group of fighters based on Nagai's various characters against Dr. Hell in Shin Mazinger ZERO.
    • Characters based on some Cutey Honey characters like Natsuko, Miharu Tsunene, and Ms. Alphonse appear as among the billions of victims Dr. Hell accumulated and converted into Iron Masks.
  • A shojo manga titled Cutie and Honey read by Reito Magami in Mazinger Otome is based on Cutie Honey even featuring Honey and Sister Jill as the main characters.
  • In the Mazinkaiser SKL OVA, several of the Psycho Gear users are named after some of Honey's transformations.
  • Hikaru Makiba in Grendizer Giga is revealed to be Cutey Honey in disguise.
    • Danbei in the manga is also based on his counterpart in New Cutey Honey, being a cyborg with some enhancements mirroring Mazinger.
  • Robot Girls Z ONLINE features a Cutie Honey campaign where Honey's civilian outfit and her Cutie Honey outfit and Airborne Element Fixing Device are used by Z-chan and Get-chan.
    • Honey and Sister Jill also appear as a guest characters.
Cutie Honey (Robot Girls Z)

Cutie Honey in Robot Girls Z


Sister Jill in Robot Girls Z ONLINE

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