Crocodiver O1
Composition Super Steel
Power Source Atomic Energy
Pilot AI

Crocodiver O1 was the Mechanical Beast from Episode 4 of Mazinkaiser. It was part of Baron Ashura's plan to eliminate the Mazinkaiser. Unlike its original counterpart this one is AI control instead of piloted.

Appearance and AbilitiesEdit

Crocodiver resembles a large robotic green crocodile able to move underwater and overpower enemies its size easily. However, it is in fact three mechanical Beast in one with a humanoid torso located within the tail and lower body after the body separates. The upper body detaches and uses its jaw for restraining enemies.


A rumor has been going around about a monster hiding in the ocean. When Venus A investigates that rumor after its pilot Sayaka Yumi wanted time apart from her group, the monster turned up to be Crocodiver O1.  Venus A fought Crocodiver only to be captured in the end. Crocodiver takes Venus A & Sayaka back to the Bood as hostages for Koji Kabuto. When that plan turns awry after Koji and Sayaka escape Crocodiver itself tries to take on both Mazinkaiser and Venus A. Crocodiver swipe away Mazinkaiser Turbo Punches but Koji quickly counter with his Photon Beam destroying Croco's tail. When Mazinkaiser was distracted Crocodiver clamp down onto the Mazinkaiser with its giant mouth. Sayaka bows up whats left of it with Venus A's Oppai Missile. But Crocodiver is not down as it reveal it secret weapon. Three Mechanical Beasts combineed into one. The three grab on to the Mazinkaiser & release a electrical discharge. But quickly counters that by Turbo Punch two of the Metal Beasts. The final one, Head of Crocodiver, shoot a tornado at the depths of his mouth but Koji counters one last time with his own Rust Tornado destroying the remain of Crocodiver O1.


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