Crocodiver O1
Composition Super Steel
Power Source Atomic Energy
Pilot Limited AI,

Count Brocken

Crocodiver O1 is a Mechanical Beast used in the original Mazinger Z manga by Count Brocken. It is actually three Mechanical Beasts in a combined form.


As per its name, Crocodiver O1 resembles a humanoid crocodile with a large head and a tail that extends from the back of its head. When fully separated, the Crocodiver's lower body and tail gain humanoid upper bodies.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

Count Brocken is able to pilot the Crocodiver by integrating his head into its circuits allowing full control of the Mechanical Beast. The Mechanical Beast is able to swim for traveling purposes. In combat, the Crocodiver uses its large jaw to latch onto opponents before separating into its three components. The head is able to move through a rocket thruster. Once fully separated, the Crocodiver uses its body to restrain opponents before crushing them.


Crocodiver O1 was used by Count Brocken after calling Koji Kabuto to a duel with Mazinger Z. After Count Brocken integrates with the Crocodiver, he attacks the Mazinger with the Crocodiver's jaw before separating from the lower body which restrained the Mazinger. Count Brocken then had the Crocodiver's head and tail separate to further restrain the Mazinger. It manages to take off one of the heat sinks which kept the Mazinger from using its Breast Fire. Koji then used the Mazinger's forearms for a Rocket Punch that destroys both the lower body and tail while the Mazinger uses its Mazin Power to rip the Crocodiver's head in two with Brocken escaping.

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